#ToTheFront: Clover Moore

Clover Moore has claimed a record fourth term governing Sydney’s Central Business district. Moore has been Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney since 2004 seeing the last two elections winning over 50 per cent of the primary vote. The election that took place on September 10th saw the introduction of new voting laws. Businesses … Continue reading #ToTheFront: Clover Moore


Woman To The Front #ToTheFront

The Woman to the Front Campaign is about the exploration of women in the media. This social campaign comes as a response to recent articles from the Rio Olympics 2016 that have praised men/husbands for some women's Olympic achievements. One such article headlined a Corey Cogdell as a wife before her Olympic achievement (Give it a Check http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/international/ct-bears-mitch-unrein-wife-wins-bronze-olympics-20160807-story.html). Woman To The Front aims to address the gender gap and representation of women in the media, in particular in the Australian context. Media and communication courses in Australia have a majority of female participants, and therefore, the workplace environment needs to give proper recognition to this new generation of media producers.