Bachelor Vs Bachelorette

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As week 3 of the Bachelorette on channel 10 finishes, we’ve started our JOURNEY of love with the eligible Bachelorette, Georgia Love. We’ve viewed a couple dates, seen a few challenges and witnessed enough rose ceremonies already to know the Bachelorette and all her contestants.

What I have noticed comparing this backed up season to its predecessor, Richie Strahan’s Bachelor, is the representation of the women on the show. This is that Bachelorette is represented much differently to the contestants on the Bachelor.


Q: Why is this?

A: Good television.


It seems having 20 women in a house creates a more psychological drama in the show. Vying for one man, and the things they will do to get his attention, the bitching, the drama. Likewise, the premise is very similar for the men, however there is a lot more emphasis on their physical attributes and skill. The challenges the male contestants are put through are entertaining, however, there is a noticeable seriousness to them. While the women’s challenges are much more comical i.e. boxing kangaroos, sumo roller derby…

The Bachelor in many cases is the ultimate “perfect man” he is seen without flaw and looking for love. This is slightly reversed for both Bachelorettes in the Australian series. Sam Frost, for instance was broken hearted when she led the first season of The Bachelorette. Having “won” the heart of Blake Garvey on her season of the Bachelor, then to be broken up with. Similarly, Georgia Love, is presented as a strong confident women, however, has left her job to peruse love.

What I find interesting about this is comparing these to the stance of the Bachelor. All the Bachelors emphasised their careers. A career is very self-defining to them, and can appear to make them more desirable to the contestants. Even to the extent of it being a geographical deal breaker for contestants.

Additionally reversing this. Contestant’s careers are quite different. Looking at the list of careers held by all the contestants on both shows in 2016, there is a large diversity in the jobs held by the female contestants on the Bachelor. However, occupation is not emphasised at all. People may remember who the models are, or the yoga instructor, but we don’t talk about the account manager the communication officer. Yes, that’s not why we watch the show, but that is my observation.

We view the contestants as characters, and we forget that their real people on these shows. Its important to keep that in mind when we watch next week.


Bachelor Contestants 2016 Bachelorette Contestants 2016
Event Co-ordinator Marketing CEO
Account Manager Miner
Personal Assistant Fire-fighter
Yoga Instructor Entrepreneur
Student/Former Model Medical sales
Makeup artist Industrial designer
Business Development Manager Personal trainer
Venus Manager Sales professional
Artist Wellness coach
Project Manager Mechanical plumber
Personal Trainer Security specialist
Executive Assistant Marketing manager
Customer Support Manager Entrepreneur slash model
Hairdresser Sailing coach
Children’s Entertainer Electrician
Swimwear Designer Employment coach
Message Therapist
Health Promotions Officer
Communications Officer
Real Estate Agent
Support Worker
Training Administer




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