Social Media, Social Pressures?

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 5.13.58 pm.pngWe are moving into an age of media where the online platforms are becoming so much more important than television and print.

Gone are the days that every house gets that paper delivered to them first thing in the morning, this is replaced by the online editions updating consistently through the day to give the public updates. Even in terms of news, news websites are becoming out-dated. Trending topics on Facebook, Twitter and even Snapchat have become the initial news sources the Australian public receives their information from.

If we look at viewership of television compared to social media use it is noticeable that more people are checking their online updates over the live stream of the T.V. On average, there are 15 million steady Facebook users in Australia, and 5 million Instagram active accounts. In comparison to television viewing so current events that have some of the largest viewership of the year such as the NRL grand final on Sunday (2.5 million views) and the AFL Grand Final on Saturday (3.1 million).

The stark difference in viewership to social media usage reflects Australia’s shift to an online realm. People are becoming more used to obtaining their main information from status updates than actual broadcasters.

Additionally, gaining a following and supporters on an online realm has created a new platform for fame. Influencers from all walks of life can utilise these social media outlets and post opinions, images, and other content.

In this realm, both females and males are subject to criticism as faced with pressures and depictions of physical, emotional, and social standards. This in particular comes in the form of Instagram. Images that are “better than life” are displayed for the Internet to comment, react, and respond to. The influence people gain from social media following can be very powerful in provoking thoughts, and aspirations of their publics.

This power can be very dangerous and can create an illegitimate environment for information. As there is so much content flowing around the Internet it is important to know which sources can be accurate and truthful and which are opinion based.


What do you think of how we get our information these days?


Do you feel we have pressures to be “better than life” in our online personas?


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