60 Years of Television


Today marks the 60th anniversary of commercial television in Australia. In a world where we have an endless supply of television shows and movies at a touch of a button, it’s hard to imagine that it is a technology that is relatively new. Two channels broadcasted successfully in 1956 (One for Melbourne and one for Sydney), just in time for the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, and from there television in Australia has grown into a unique source of entertainment and information.

Here is a list of 10 influential T.V. moments and women who have been on screen:


  1. Gail Jarvis – In the late 70’s, who was the first female producer at 60 Minutes, and first female executive producer of Good Morning Australia.
  2. Kathy Freeman – 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics. Freeman’s lighting of the Olympic torch in the 2000 Olympics is one of the most iconic moments in Australian television. 6.64 million Australian people tuned in to watch the opening ceremony of Sydney 2000.
  3. Lee Lin Chin – Being the first SBS personality to ne nominated for a Gold Logie since the station’s inception. She is also popular for her social media presence releasing humorous tweets.
  4. Lorrae Desmond – Desmond is the first female to win a Gold Logie for her work on the Lorrae Desomond Show (A variety show). Additionally, she is more recently recognised for her role as Shirley Gilroy on the Australian drama A Country Practice ran for over 10 years.
  5. Maggie Dence – Known for her work on popular Australian soap operas neighbours and All saints, Dence made is most popularly known in Australian television history portray Mavis Bramston on the Mavis Bramston Show 1966-68. The show was influential in shaping Australian sketch comedy and was one of the most popular shows of it’s era.
  6. Jane Turner & Gina Riley – Combined are the duo of the iconic Australian comedy Kath and Kim. As a pop culture satire of Australian living the large reception of the Show received an average of 2 million views an episode, in its first two seasons.
  7. Julie Goodwin – Julie Goodwin is the first winner of the popular Australian show Masterchef. The finale episode brought in a viewership of 4.03 million people to watch the contestants cook and be critiqued.
  8. Melissa Doyle – She is probably one of the most recognisable faces on modern Australian television. Her work rebuilding Channel 7’s morning show Sunrise earned her Silver Logie nominations in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.
  9. Lisa McCune – MucCune’s depiction of Constable Maggie Doyle on the Australian drama Blue Heelers won her 4 consecutive Gold Logies from 1997 – 2000. Additionally she won Most Popular Actress’ award at the Logies in 1996 – 2000.
  10. Benita Collings – Just celebrating its 50th year running Playschool is one of Australia’s longest running shows. Colling’s is the second longest serving cast member of the show beginning in 1969 to her last episode in 1999. Collings’ is a familiar face to multiple generations of Australians.

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