#ToTheFront: Clover Moore

Clover Moore has claimed a record fourth term governing Sydney’s Central Business district. Moore has been Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney since 2004 seeing the last two elections winning over 50 per cent of the primary vote.

The election that took place on September 10th saw the introduction of new voting laws. Businesses were given two ballots over the one vote residence received. Regardless of the new voting rules Moore comfortably won the majority vote again of over 60 per cent.

Over the past 12 years as Lord Mayor, Moore has worked on projects and supported many bettering of the city of Sydney. Shaping it to the city it is today.

As Clover Moore commences her fourth term as Lord Mayor, here are some areas of her past performance that have reshaped Sydney.

  1. Sustainability: The environment has been a major issue that Moore has targeted as the prevalence of issues such as global warming and unnecessary carbon emissions. Moore’s Building Better Partnerships (BBP) initiative aims to encourage renewable energy projects. The BBP has partnered with over 50 per cent of commercial properties in the City of Sydney area saving $30 million in electricity costs and over 25% reduction of emissions.
  2. Cylceway: Moore’s initiative of building bike paths in the city has been a large investment in the decreased use of cars within the city. The bike infrastructures are aimed to create a safe place in the CBD for cyclists and encourage a new lifestyle for commuters. Since the commencement of this initiative Moore has seen 110km of the cycle network completed.
  3. Park Infrastructure: With the objective of creating a communal and more liveable city, over 100 parks and playgrounds have been created or renewed. This is done through landscaping and adding new facilities. Major notes are the makeover of Prince Alfred Park and pool, and the extensions of four hectares of parkland to the Glebe Foreshore walk.
  4. LGBTQI Rights: Moore’s progressive work for equality has been prevalent throughout her whole political careers. This is evident from her continual support marching the Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras for the part 30 years. Additionally, Moore’s same sex adoption form received a majority vote in 2010 allowing same-sex partners to adopt.

The past 12 years of the City of Sydney have been dynamic. Just by highlighting a few projects and legislation Moore has initiated on shows the diverse reach of her interest to improve Sydney.

As she starts her new term, lets look to a forward moving Sydney.


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