Woman To The Front #ToTheFront

The Woman to the Front Campaign is about the exploration of women in the media.

This social campaign comes as a response to recent articles from the Rio Olympics 2016 that have praised men/husbands for some women’s Olympic achievements. One such article headlined a Corey Cogdell as a wife before her Olympic achievement (Give it a Check http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/international/ct-bears-mitch-unrein-wife-wins-bronze-olympics-20160807-story.html).

Woman To The Front aims to address the gender gap and representation of women in the media, in particular in the Australian context. Media and communication courses in Australia have a majority of female participants, and therefore, the workplace environment needs to give proper recognition to this new generation of media producers.

The goal of Woman To The Front is to highlight people in the industry and their opinions on the change that needs to take place for equality and fair representation. This will comprise of articles and interviews of woman in Australian media about their experiences in the industry, and people who have inspired them.

Please follow the journey of this campaign, get involved, comment and share your own experiences. Woman To The Front is a space for public conversation on the matter of equality. Every person is allowed an opinion and hopefully it can lead to discussions.


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